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Laws & Rights

Patients Rights

receive health care professional, high quality, courteous, while maintaining your dignity and privacy.

Each employee must wear an identification badge for you to know his name, his job and his profession of physician.

an explanation of your illness and treatment offered to you, including the expected benefits or possible risks that may arise as a result of the treatment. In addition, you are entitled / to receive information about alternative treatment or get another professional opinion on your own initiative and win the cooperation of the medical staff at the medical center cylinder.

do not receive treatment unless you give your consent that, after receiving the medical information necessary treatment.

Photographer of the information in your medical records documenting care using only the medical records department Galilee Medical Center.

appoint a representative in your behalf have the authority to accept or decline your place for medical treatment, according to the terms set.

Medical information.

medical information about you will be kept confidential.

In a medical emergency or in circumstances where the patient is unable to make a decision, the medical institution may provide urgent medical treatment without the consent of the patient.

You can contact the person responsible for patient rights in order to obtain advice and assistance:



Attorney Helen Malka-Zeevi, in charge of the patients' rights

For additional information and for a complete listing of all your rights, please contact:

Patient Safety Unit Galilee Medical Center phone: 04-9107255 04-9107489

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