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We are glad to welcome you on the occasion of your enrollment internship Galilee Medical Center
Lstaz'ltfistno three main goals:
  1 provider of clinical experience and knowledge in medicine and the main range of services to meet the medical center

  2 help intern internship and vocational integration degree of consistency Galilee Medical Center.
  3 help as part of the health professional population in normal and emergency cylinder.

Little about
Galilee Medical Center, Medical Center Galilee is growing huge.
Momentum is expressed in the opening of classes and services and the development of infrastructure and the introduction of advanced medical technologies.

Directing resources and support of the Ministry of Health, Faculty of Medicine Building Fifth Galilee, and the establishment of the Research Institute periphery agreement supports the doctors, driving the growth and professionalization

We urge you to join with us to grow and develop

ID -
GalileeMedicalCenter is located on the outskirts of the city of Nahariya and serves a diverse population of
About 600 thousand inhabitants.
MedicalCenter has 722 inpatient beds and is the largest employer in the Western Galilee about 2,300 employees
And 300 volunteers.
The medical center's vision is to provide a cylinder healthcare professional
Galilee population with an emphasis on personal attention essential to the patient and his family - "one person - a person".

The two main growth engines driving the
GalileeMedicalCenter in the new era: one support ministries periphery of understanding of the need for quality medical service in the Galilee, and the other is the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee.

Wave of development - medical center cylinder is under development and growth's sake, including the opening of classes and services such as: class neuro-surgical recognized master control, surgery in which specializes in analysis of liver and bile ducts, orthopedics another opening, Department of Medicine and 'Institute for Breast Health New Institute IVF, MRI Institute for rehabilitation and the new wing which houses 40 patients are just some of the new services started

In addition to the medical center cylinder is accelerated process of upgrading, renovation and construction of facilities. For the past year and a half working Department of Emergency Medicine, the first time the structure of modern
Israel also protected against chemical attack.

Women's Health Department building expected completion in about a year and a half
No medical center undergoing significant changes in the country so that in a short period.

Faculty of Medicine - As you know, last year's fifth Faculty of Medicine opened in the heart of the Galilee in
Israel. The main medical center is located in Nahariya faculty, more than 60% of students attend graduate clinical medical center inside the cylinder.

Some are even employed in a physician assistant. Instruction in the various departments have already won many accolades in the first cycle

We will soon begin the construction of a wing for scientific research and innovative clinical study of 1,200 square meters in size

Area of
​​research in the medical center speeds and increased academics subscriber accordingly.

At any given moment studying at the medical center over 80 students (and the number will rise over the years) and 50 interns. These facts compel us to continue to be updated and be based at the forefront of the country

The process of absorbing new intern

Personal meeting with the interns in charge, in order to coordinate the internship program. Referral brain Human Resources after viewing permission internship Ministry of Health, ID card, military veteran book (Atodaim- approval from the army), two pictures and approval vaccination against hepatitis B

Referral brain 'defense, to get permission to enter the medical center cylinder
Textile referral system, in order to get a robe.
Training on blood sampling (avoiding Stabbed particularly common in the first month of internship), prevention of infections, studies giving blood.

Internship program
Duration of internship is 11 months of work and one month holiday.
An absence internship Begin reserve service, illness or childbirth, up to a cumulative total of 30 days, will be considered as part of an internship.
Period beyond 30 days, will require the extension of the internship that on account of the holiday.

Here are specialization tracks that could tern can

Rotating Internship course by the following regulations:
   A. Three months of internal medicine.
   In. Two general surgery.
   C.. Month of Emergency Medicine.
   Wednesday. Monthly Pediatrics.
   The. Month anesthesia and intensive care (two in each class).
   And. Monthly selection.

Straight Track Internship (not happy soldier students):
   A. Straight Internal Internship:
   In. Two general surgery.
   C.. Monthly Pediatrics.
   Wednesday. Month of Emergency Medicine.
   The. Six months of internal medicine.

Straight Internship Surgery:
   A. Three months of internal medicine.
   In. Pediatrics month.
   C.. Month of Emergency Medicine.
   Wednesday. Six months general surgery.

Straight Internship children:
   A. Three months of internal medicine.
   In. Month of general surgery.
   C.. Month of Emergency Medicine.
   Wednesday. Six months Pediatrics.
Has a duty to carry out the profession 6 months Straight Internship in the second half of the internship.

Rights and duties of intern

o intern will perform at least four shifts during the month compulsory internship in the class that has a roster physician, provided that in the internship will perform at least 44 shifts
o Do not change duty without permission in charge of the internship. While an intern is in a choice outside the hospital, he could only make four shifts.
o intern will partner all the teaching and medical activities of the department under the supervision of his superiors and supervisors.
o tern must obey the instructions of his superiors direct it at work.
o At the end of his ward, to intern receive opinions from the AG Department designated form.
o Each intern will receive a registration booklet internship, by filling in the months of internship and department heads sign which made ​​the internship. At the end of the internship will be displayed notebook and signed by the person responsible for the internship Galilee Medical Center and by the Galilee Medical Center CEO.

o It is possible to carry out a bolt roster, over the limit, with the approval of the department director and CEO of Galil Medical Center.


Roster interns:

According to the Ministry of Health Circular No. 66/2003, the following allocation shifts mterns:  o Class 3 shifts and 3 shifts Friday Saturday class.
  o Up to three screening Roster Roster Friday and 3 Saturday screening.
  o This number will be considered a holiday evenings and holidays accordingly.
  o Do not make Friday and Saturday shifts or pass the quota of four shifts, during the months of selection.
  o assigning shifts on Thursdays and Saturdays in the same weekend, will be made only at the request of a department
     head and approved by the undersigned
  o The same goes for making turns Saturday immediately after work on Friday morning.
  o Out of 12 approved weekend shifts Ensure committed at least two shifts each weekend
     The following departments: Internal Medicine, Surgery, ER and children.

  o Roster fifth and sixth (beyond the allowed limit):
   • The department head's face down in the sign only after approval.
   • The permit will be granted during the busy departments round.
   • In addition, an additional duty bolt is approved as an intern to perform a single department.
Fridays until 13 hours, at least 5 are required - beyond that, according to the department's needs interns to work on Fridays to 5 hours and no more.

o Every Monday, at 13:00, there are lectures mterns of England, the lectures are given by senior doctors at the medical  center cylinder, the subjects selected according to feedback from the interns. Lectures receive praise for the quality of the speakers and relevant topics.
Your participation is a right but also a duty!
o In addition, every two weeks, on Tuesday week, at 7:30, staff meetings are held in the auditorium Midlands. Staff meetings and discuss clinical issues are delivered by lecturers GalileeMedicalCenter and by guest speakers.
o duty of interns to participate in these meetings.


The purpose of the internship is to provide mterns main clinical knowledge and experience in medicine major.
  2 Another goal, is to help an intern / internship ways to select the field that matches your desires and skills and, if possible, depending on the capabilities to help them be master.
  3 interns Galilee Medical Center Please integral part of medical staff and we are subject to any guidelines or rules applicable to physicians within the limits allowed by the book guidelines internship.
  4 doctors terns Please Galilee Medical Center are committed to providing service and optimal human normal and emergency patients.
  5 interns with potential for advancement in the medical center will be identified and appropriate training program will be offered to them.
  6 Each year, they choose two outstanding interns and they will be awarded certificates of appreciation and participation in the purchase of equipment / Literature / conference.
  7 for all intern / home page to receive from the Department of Assessment at the end of each round.
  8 for each intern / home page to receive feedback on the department at the end of each round.
  9 shifts responsibility for a number of guidelines approved intern personal folder / home, lying on the tern / home.
10 the intern / home to be present / guidance activities of all departmental routine or other mterns including weekly lectures, and faculty meetings.

Any questions or requests

You can contact the internship committee chairman, Dr. Zvi sheleg , phone 04-9107770


Committee Secretary or an internship, lucky phone: 04-9107770, Fax No.: 04-9107611,

We wish you a year of internship enjoyable and productiv

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