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Research & Development



Research and Development

Research Authority for the Advancement of Research Activity in hospitals:


The Research Administration at the Medical Center:

Director of the Research Administration, Professor Batya Kristal - - Tel:  04-9107603


The hospital’s academic research activity vision:

“The medical center will operate a basic epidemiological and clinical research system in all fields of medicine, including laboratories, research institutes, personnel and everything required for this purpose.”


The medical center management considers the medical center’s research activity an important and integral part of the activity of all its employees - including doctors and nursing and paramedical staff, for the benefit of the patients and staff alike.


In 2008, the Research Authority was established by Professor Batya Kristal, who also runs the authority, which constitutes a professional organizational platform for the development, support and advancement of research studies and publications, investment in training employees and providing them with research tools, including Good Clinical Practice courses, a research tools course, etc.


The medical center and its professional future as a medical service provider, teaching and research institution primarily depend on the quality of its medical personnel.  The research activity enables the medical center to maintain its professionalism, update its medical, nursing and paramedical staff on what’s happening in their fields, and it is essential to the enhancement and safeguarding of quality cutting edge treatment for patients in the present and the future.  The medical research, which begins in the laboratory and proceeds to the clinical field, constitutes an integral part of the medical treatment, and there is a direct connection between quality research activity and quality of the medical treatment.


The Authority’s Objectives:

·         Assimilating organizational research culture at the medical center.

·         Expanding activity at the existing basic, clinical, nursing and epidemiological research centers.

·         Establishing a research institute, as part of the medical center, and a biotechnological incubator adjacent to the research institute, with the cooperation of industrial and community institutions.

·         Raising funds needed to conduct research studies and to help with the research budget planning.

·         Assistance for residents, specialists, basic researchers and nurses at the medical center to conduct research studies.

·         Integrating all the research activity in the teaching program and at the Bar Ilan Medical School branch in the Galilee.


The research authority supports and assists the medical center’s research staff with the research planning stages, obtaining research budgets and with analyzing data until its publication.


The authority works to develop new functions: an external research division; a marketing, advertising and training division; legal counsel and a clinical research center.


The authority assists the medical center’s researchers conduct studies that meet high standards for publication in professional periodicals in Israel and overseas.  This research activity serves as a bridge to pharmaceutical companies and external researchers who are interested in conducting research at the medical center.


Research Infrastructure at the Medical Center


The Eliachar Research Laboratory, click here:

The medical center’s main basic research laboratory is based on the translational research principle.  Laboratory director:  Dr. Shifra Sela  - Tel:  04-9107769 - Research Forum:  Dr. Eilam Palzur - - Tel: 04-9107062

Research Methods Consultants:  Dr. Eilam Palzur and Dr. Shifra Sela


Helsinki Committee: Click here

Committee Chair:  Professor Bella Gross -  - Tel:  04-9107022

Committee Coordinator:  Ms. Hedva Moscovici - - Tel:  04-9107267


Research Fund:

Economic and Legal Field Coordinator - Ms. Mona Bkheit - - Tel:  04-9107478

Research Authority Secretary:  Ms. Yael Mosenzon - - Tel:  04-9107011

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