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    Divisions and Departments - Surgical Division - Ophthalmology


    The ophthalmology department has been part of the surgical division since 1967.  A significant portion of the surgical activity is performed on an outpatient basis; however, since the department coordinates treatment for an extensive region without an additional ophthalmology department, there is a higher than usual number of hospitalizations in the department with infectious diseases, injuries, tumors and other serious conditions which require intensive in-depth investigation.

    The ophthalmology department also serves as a national cornea transplant center.  Many patients are hospitalized due to immune-rejection of cornea transplants that sometimes requires complex intensive care or following complex retinal-vitreous surgeries that require a longer than average hospitalization.

    The department is also very active in the research and academic field and serves as a clinical field for medical students.





    Contact information:

    Tel: 04-9207635 

    Fax: 04-9107611

    To make an appointment at the outpatient clinics:

    Tel: 04-9107414

    The Department Management





    Department Director

    Dr. Tzvi Segal

    Senior Physicians  





    Senior Physician

    Dr. Jeris Blot





    Senior Physician

    Dr. Valerie Brasodesky





    Senior Physicin





    Senior Physician

    Dr. Tammy Hareuveni-Blum





    Senior Physician

    Dr. Yanir Kassif





    Senior Physician

    Dr. Ilana Landa





    Senior Physician

    Dr. Anna Mansherov





    Senior Physician

    Dr. Eli Krauss





    Senior Physician

    Dr. Eitan Ratt





    Senior Physician

    Dr. Shimon Romelet





    Senior Physician- Deputy Director of the Galilee Medical Center

    Dr. Tzvi Sheleg

    Nursing Staff

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