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    חדשנות וטכנולוגיה במרכז הרפואי לגליל
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    Divisions and Departments - Surgical Division - Orthopedics A


    The Nahariya Hospital’s orthopedics department was opened in 1962 by Dr. Isidore Alkalai.  Until that time, the orthopedic service was provided by the hospital’s surgical department.  The department was situated in a shack which also included the ophthalmology department.

    The department has been run by Professor Gershon Walfin since 1996.

    In 1999, the arthroscopic orthopedic surgery unit was established under the helm of Dr. Bernard Greenberg; and since his retirement, the department has been run by Dr. Kaushensky.  Subsequently, the spinal cord surgery unit was established under the helm of Dr. Nimrod Rahmimov and the pediatric orthopedics unit was opened under the helm of Dr. Haim Starker.

    In recent years, the orthopedics department’s academic activity has been greatly expanded.  The department is affiliated with Bar Ilan University’s faculty of medicine in the Galilee.  Each year, three to four groups of students are referred to the hospital for training in orthopedics, some from the U.S.  In addition, the department’s physicians take an active part in the program, giving lectures, participating in clinical conferences and scientific training programs in Israel and overseas.

    The department has been recognized for a full orthopedic surgical residency by the Scientific Council of the Israeli Medical Association. The pediatric orthopedics unit is recognized for the mandatory 3-month rotation  and for rotation B.

    Phone - 04-9107739
    Fax- 04-9107648

    Department Director

    Dr. Efim Shtarker

    Medical Staff










    Dr. Pavel Nudelman





    Senior Physician

    Dr. Riyad Dakuar





    Senior Physician

    Dr. Gennady Kirschner






    Dr. Dan Chiboturo






    Dr. Michael Asa’af






    Dr. Alon Rod






    Dr. Andy Weiner






    Dr. Eitan Zeidman






    Dr. Ilan Aharon






     Dr. Inal Batachish

      Additional Orthopedic Specialists at the Hospital









    Director of the Urgent Medicine Department

    Dr. Jack Stolero

    Nursing Staff





    Department Head Nurse

    Ms. Ruhama Moshe





    Assistant Head Nurse

    Mr. Nasib Bivar

    Additional Staff





    Medical Secretary

    Ms. Suzie Hamo





    Social Worker

    Ms. Mona Dakuar





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