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    חדשנות וטכנולוגיה במרכז הרפואי לגליל
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    Divisions and Departments - Surgical Division - Urology


    At the Urology Department, we are involved with the investigation, diagnosis and treatment, primarily surgical, of diseases and congenital defects of the urinary tract in children, men and women and the male sexual organs.  The urinary tract includes the kidneys, the ureter, bladder and urethra.  The male sexual organs include the prostate, testicles and sexual organ.

    The urology department is located on the third floor of the new surgical division, overlooking a rural landscape and the Lebanon mountains.  The department features 26 beds, most with two beds and some with one. Adjacent to each room is an on-suite restroom with a toilet and spacious shower and the department is meticulously kept clean.  The meals are prepared at the central kitchen - with an emphasis placed on the patient’s preferences or restrictions, and are served in an aesthetic manner.

    In general, we try to provide our patients and their families a pleasant atmosphere as well as complete and up-to-date medical information and hope for a speedy recovery.

    The hospital is affiliated with Bar Ilan University’s Faculty of Medicine; and consequently, we are committed to provide training and organized activity for its residents and medical students.  The senior physicians supervise and train residents and teach the students during their training at the hospital.  Additionally, the medical and nursing staff is engaged in basic and clinical research and actively participates in professional conferences, both national and international.

    Recently, the Sexual Functioning Clinic was opened which features the best physicians in this field.  For additional information, look at the additional department fields at the bottom of this page.

    The department is run by Dr. Dov Engelstein and his professional and experienced staff of doctors and nurses.

    Phone - 04-9107734
    Fax - 04-9107149

    Department Director





    Department Director

    Dr. Dov Engelstein

    Medical Staff





    Asst. Department Director and Senior Physician  

    Dr. Chaim Faradian





    Senior Physician  

    Dr. Adi Lazar





    Senior Physician  

    Dr. Nasir Dali





    Senior Physician  

    Dr. Dmitri Parter





    Senior Physician  

    Dr. Vladimir Gershman






    Dr. Saad Abu Salah






    Dr. Atir Abas

    Nursing Staff





    Head Nurse

    Ms. Luba Belin





    Assistant Head Nurse

    Nabil Bashara

    The Urology Clinic





    Head Nurse

    Siham Farah






    Ms. Sharon Haramati





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